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Great communication

Graeme wants to understand you and your goals. Whether you’re getting married or advertising a product, you’ll get the video you’ve always wanted.

Quality equipment

Graeme has everything he needs to provide a professional video, including cameras, voice recording equipment, editing software and more.

Striking results

Hundreds of videos are produced every day. When you choose The Video Guy, you get a unique product that stands out from the rest.

The Video Guy’s service is all about you. Call today to discuss your next project!

Digital media services

About The Video Guy

Graeme Kelley, also known as The Video Guy, has worked in video production since 1976. The industry has evolved over the last 40 years, and Graeme has adapted to work with modern practices in equipment. He has a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge to meet any of your digital media needs.

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